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Yunyao Hu - Graduate

Wimbledon College of Arts

MFA Fine Art

About me

My work is centralized around life thoughts, by exploring a deeper meaning to the essence of people's habits and behaviors. Carl Gustav Jung's collective unconsciousness theory and Chinese philosophy played a significant role in my works.  Collage and installation are my talents after I tried to represent my idea by different media through the use of language, semiotics, and psychology. Different languages are often used in my work to give clues to the audience to get into my work. And gradually, the use of conventional words is replaced by my own calligraphy according to the way Chinese Characters are written.    The birth of my works followed by my stream of consciousness. My art journey began by redefining woman’s meaning through analyzing a woman’s most representative natural symbols like unstable emotions, attitudes, and behaviors to giving birth, beauty and period after I experienced a culture shock in London and Dubai. Then, I've moved my thoughts about life in to a wider perspective. I got ideas from the things which affected a lot of people in our daily life, for instance, politics, Chinese folk beliefs and the ongoing epidemic.



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