Daniel J Norie - profile image

Daniel J Norie - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Sculpture

About me

I work with sculpture to probe form out of material potentiality. Salvaging material is an act of repurposing, bringing ambiguous off-cuts and disarded material back into function. Combining the awkardness of their form to trigger expressive adventure. Ambiguity beomes the starting point of an objects newness, open to being read, translated. Viewing my work online will give you the opportunity of seeing a different aspect of my art practice that I’m really excited to share. I’d be interested to hear from you, so please contact me for further interaction. Discarded material can be a translation of political, social, economical and environmental issues. For me there are many political contradictions and my work is a fragile speculation of value, meaning and moral judgement.



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