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Edward.Hongyi JIA - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

Mr. Edward Hongyi Jia, who is a passionate Artist studies in UAL, London My work aims to build a relationship between the social phenomenon, urban landscapes and my early life experiences. In doing this I hope to produce narrative paintings which include sic-fi references, my story and post- communist elements culminating in a series of paintings called 'My story of fish'. In creating my paintings, I use a range of references including surrealism and expressionism, in combination with my own judgment and imagination to create a reimagined space of my own. I aim in this space to allow the viewer to think about the way in which our society is developing and a possible future reality, A reality concerned with dynamics of society interaction, religion and politics. I find when I paint and create I must focus and center my thoughts to achieve an inner peace like that of Daoism, committing fully to creation. I find seeking this peace in creation to be a personal journey that manifests its self in the work I create. My paintings and my process embody this journey. I would like to depict grand historical themes. Through the history of the past and the things that are happening in the present today, the use of sci-fi elements as a medium is combined with personal associations to try to create a contradiction that combines the past, the present and the future. It is created by combining Eastern aesthetics with Western concepts. He produced metaphysical personal painting creation with personal artistic language. I like to use narrative techniques to describe large machinery, spaceships, Soviet-style abandoned industrial cities with futuristic forms, and large-scale war weapons. Perhaps only the freaks created by the continuous development of science and technology during the development of the civilization created by this species of human beings. The grand historical background also symbolically reflects that on the path of human history, personal will cannot compete with political ideology. Fear, anger, grief and indignation are like the energy surging deep underground. Although there is no sense of power and violence directly expressed by the huge machinery, it also has an invisible power. I think art has no boundaries. Although for me I have experienced a huge extreme in culture between East and West, I think they are only on the different sides of the same mountain. I believe that in the struggles of each generation after generation, inch by inch they will merge. I have presented China-Britain Culture & Arts Festival 2018 in British Museum, I collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on 2018 and La Mer on 2019 to create a range of private custom-made products with Chinese painting. My honors to explore artistic languages between Chinese traditional painting and Western oil painting, and I' d like to use my talent to bridge the international cultural collaboration. have 16 years of Chinese orthodox painting experience. I hope to dedicate the production of my paintings I make to improving communication between East and West. In order to achieve this, I will create contemporary art paintings with my own personal style of oriental aesthetics and Western contemporary expression.



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