I want to report an error or a problem

On my Graduate Showcase page, despite designing five different pages for my showcase, my profile actually only appears to show the first one five times – each time you click through, the captions change, but the image stays the same.

On closer inspection, it looks like the problem is not that the site is showing the first slide five times, but that it takes about 60-90 seconds for the image to update once you’ve clicked to the next slide. So, the user experience goes that the user clicks “next”, the will appear to be showing the same image, and then about a minute later the new image will finally appear.

Obviously if someone is really into my work AND knows they have to wait, then maybe this won’t be a problem. But I assume that most people won’t wait for a fraction of that time. They’ll assume it’s a mistake and move on.

So, is there any way to fix this, please?





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