I want to report an error or a problem

Hello! I am a final year BA Animation student. I am currently uploading my final year project for the Undergraduate showcase and I have faces the following issues.

1. I was not able to add paragraphs. The text merged together no matter how I would try to separate it.

2. I was not able to add links or more social media to my profile page. Links in the “About me” section would not work, while the social media is limited to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. I would like to add an ArtStation portfolio and my YouTube.

3. When I add a cover for a project it shows blurry and pixely despite being 1080x1080pix (when 500x500pix is asked).

4. I was not able to find how to join a UAL undergraduate showcase. I received an email with the guidance on setting my page, but it did not mention how to participate in the showcase.

Could you, please, help me with those issues? I am also afraid that the portal has crushed on me once and you might receive a similar but unfinished message. If so, please, do ignore it!

All best,



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