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Galina Hristova - Graduate

Wimbledon College of Arts

MFA Fine Art

About me

Originally from Bulgaria, Galina moves to London, UK to complete the MFA Fine Art course at the UAL, Wimbledon College of Arts. With BA and MA Stage Design, attained at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, she develops her practice multidisciplinary, focusing on Painting and Performance. With diverse experience in the Dance, Theatre, and Fashion Industries, she combines drawing, painting, and technical skills to create visual projects engaging time and space, costume design, sets, and movement. Working individually and in collaboration, Galina has six solo exhibitions and a great number of collective projects, shows, workshops, and presentations. The body – medium of all perception Interested in the dualistic conflict as a psychological phenomenon of the dichotomy rationality – instinct within the personality, I observe the disrupted boundaries between suppressed passions, virtues, and restraints through The Body as a subject in time and space. Movement, confinement, endurance, and tension define its qualities and a central approach in both my Painting and Performance practice is the interplay of presence and absence, weaved with a surrealistic element, where fiction blends with reality to reveal the implicit features of the Self.



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