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Izabella Yefymova - Graduate

Wimbledon College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting

About me

I am a photographer who works within portrait and street photography. Working in these photogarphic polarities has taught me a great deal about the nature of the medium as a capture technology and as a way of exploring gender and identity. When I am taking photographs on the street I am always alert to changes within situations and the environment. Working in this way, has enabled me to work in a spontaneous and reactive manner responding to situations such as my Polaroid series on Covid-19, The World Contagion. In the studio the process is very different. I plan my photoshoots looking at the color spectrum, at composition and the message that each photograph should contain. My desire in both situations is to capture the importance of the moment and produce art that speak both to me and the viewer.



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