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Megan Hoey - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

About me

My work examines feminine ideologies, the ‘hysterical woman’ archetype and concepts of vulnerability through using them all with an exaggerated overabundance. The purpose is to challenge perceived, frowned upon, and accepted constructs by embracing them. The women in my stories are emotional, confused, perverted and sometimes borderline psychotic. With such an excess of emotion, it becomes nonchalant and removes the stigma. It is all very self-aware and postmodern with an almost humorous undertone. I produce realms of unapologetic femininity that are dreamy, cute and pretty; but simultaneously dark and disturbing – resulting in the perfect crossover of sweet, sexy, and strong. It is all rooted in exploring the blur between hopeful romanticism, and obsessive melancholy. I playfully contrast modesty and exposure through referencing lingerie and falling details, against oversized and volumous silhouettes. There is a combination of fine French seams and raw edges that enable a sense of unstable beauty. Hand craftmanship is an important aspect of what I produce, whether it is hand smocking and gathering, or embroidery, for the emotive value it adds – while also enforcing the idea of repetitive obsessiveness. My most frequent inspirations are female stereotypes; as well as artists and cinema that explore girlhood, or demonstrate an emotional bluntness and poetry, such as Petra Collins and Sofia Coppola.


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