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Adam John Barratt - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Drawing

About me

Using my knowledge of Ancient Greek fables and designing abilities, I create multimedia installations that combine craft techniques with modern interpretations of the subverted classics. With influences ranging from Ancient Greece to Victorian interior design, I have created set colour palettes to represent both the human form and their surroundings. Designing and creating objects based from domestic settings are paralleled to imagery that create a dynamic between the object and the image that implicate the viewer. Combining digital renditions and analogue presentations I am able to create a uniformed platform where objecthood and imagery converse freely to create a voyeuristic, homoerotic power dynamic. Stories from Ancient Greece fascinate me; vengeful gods are filled with lust, anger and fundamental human characteristics. The fall of pagan beliefs and the rise of the Byzantine empire created the Renaissance, artists subverted classical stories to unleash the nude body, in doing so they created ‘Subverted Classics’. The suppression of sexuality throughout the ages contrasted with these new sexually charged renditions plays heavily in my work, by manipulating an ancient story into a flattened image I combine the vulnerable and exposed nude amidst a childlike and naïve coloured design.



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