Alice Brazzill - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Painting

About me

My work explores themes of nurture and intimacy, and responds to the ideas of transformation and expression of inner conflicts externally. The idea of containment and concept of the vessel is fundamental to my practice. I use my work as a space to navigate emotions and analyse thoughts separate from myself, and use my artworks to explore these feelings visually. I focus on transformations that go unseen, from the human psyche to a microscopic level. I use natural forms and motifs (shells, plants, flowers) as a metaphor for my thoughts and experiences, and combine it with fragmented parts of the human form (hands, feet, faces, silhouettes, sexual organs). I am interested in how movement can be represented on paper through the medium of drawing; my intention is to make the compositions appear to be alive. I see the page as a vessel in and of itself to hold the ideas of natural forms in conjunction with the idea of maternal spaces. This vessel is not only conceptual as they hold my thoughts, but compositional as everything is made to fit an enclosed space. The line work I use is rounded and soft; it is deliberately in opposition to geometric arrangements. I see my work as inhuman, my thoughts have been transformed into something shapeless and unfamiliar. However, there are indefinable elements within the drawings in order to connect my work to its wider context.


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