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Amelia Darcey Brewerton

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

"Amelia Darcey Brewerton (b.1999, Wiltshire, SW England). A D Brewerton started her practice in 2016 when she began her extended diploma in arts at Bath city college, introduced to the art world by a wealth of inspiring tutors who encourage her passion and desire for the city. Brewerton has spent the last four years taking part in various residencies across three continents, curated and exhibited in many shows across Europe during her BAFA degree at Central Saint Martins. A D Brewertons multidisciplinary mediums include; sculpture, often upcycled or found materials, printmaking, collage and mosaicing. The practice usually has a sense of upcycling and recontextualising the previous, broken, old or forgotten. Brewerton's focus is to give more time and gratitude to stories that make up the proportion's of our culture and society. However, always keen to travel and learn new techniques; she hopes to hone more bounteous abilities in the future. Her focus is to give more time and gratitude to stories that make up narratives based on a proportion of our society. The process of recontextualising images is a way in which reconfiguration can open a space for change through audience interaction with the piece; works often take a cycle of their life in the street, either by being displayed or materials collected from various public domains. The energetic and varying approach to mediums in her work allows her to embrace various cultural rituals into her practice, embedding historical processes with contemporary throw-away culture. The practice and current research explore themes of psychogeography. As humans, it's possible to experience site-specific spaces, the boundaries of public space, and responding to environments."


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