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Ayesha Brookes - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

A considerable amount of my work is in response towards personal outrage to the racial disadvantages I have faced growing up; taking roles of video, performance, photography and intertextuality. “I don’t play with Black people”. This was the first time that I was discriminated against for being a black female and where my anger towards racism started. The issues in my work are concerning my unapologetic cross-cultural sense of identity as a Mixed race female, and the alienation I have faced growing up. The ignorance of the media in the portrayal of the black culture and the lack of black figures in history centers my work, expressing my frustration and exhaustion for the right representation. I create with racial consciousness and produce creative platforms to increase people’s understanding of the ordeals and tribulations we face and our struggles to succeed. Works produced through the challenging substance of blackness, search the unconscious zones of culture and exposing them to a dramatic, emotional disturbance.


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