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Angus Cockram - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

About me

Thoughtful fashion is the main catalyst in my approach to design, reflecting upon the current world. Embedding this ethos into the garments whilst maintaining the fun and flexibility in styling. Where the aim is to break the perception and accessibility of sustainable fashion making informed choices combined within the brand's morals. In all my activities, I have proven myself to be an immensely driven and creative individual, with both a diligent work ethic and passion for all things reinvented. With over five years of education in art, design, and fashion, in addition to 5 years of luxury retail. I have consistently proven myself to be a key contributor in a team dynamic and I always meet the required deadline, delivering a high standard of work. This is reflective of my hard work ethic and adept ability to communicate my vision with the project stakeholders. I place the utmost importance on sustainability; in lifestyle and design. Forever evolving and learning from my surroundings that I am in.



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