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Alex Diamond-Rivlin - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

Alex Diamond-Rivlin is a film maker and choreographer whose work currently explores transgender desire and subjectivity in relation to Edouard Glissant's writing on "opacity". This often includes wider anti-colonial thinking around place and national identity. The relationship between Jewishness and transgender liberation is a key subject area, with particular focus on 'the body in motion', or 'legible / illegible' bodies. In the image of oily estrogen, Alex examines the 'slipperiness' with which transgender phenomenology evades the contours of categorisation. In this way, images of haze, blur and dissolved forms become sites of radical potential. Through movement, she studies states of collapse as positions of both trauma and opportunity. Alex is a member of YAC at Siobhan Davies Dance. She has shown sculptural work at The Jewish Museum, writing at Tate Modern and has made sets for Ru Paul's Drag Race winner, Sasha Velour. Alex is currently an artist-in-residence with We Exist, showing work as part of their Trans Day of Joy event. She is the organiser of the transgender liberation movement, KINESIS Collective, currently in collaboration with the anti-racist movement North London Creative Resistance and filmmakers Gareth Pugh Studio.


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