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Anoushka Ghatak - Graduate

London College of Communication

BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

About me

Anoushka Ghatak is a photographer and a visual artist from Mumbai. She has been passionate about photography since she was a teenager and spent her time taking images of anything that caught her eye. Over the past three years she has developed the process of using photography as a tool to narrate stories. Creating visual narratives and being involved in the process has helped her gain momentum. She is a strong believer of photography being therapeutic in nature, as it has had a positive impact on her mental health as well. Her practice as of now is majorly contemporary-documentary photography however she wants to expand into working with visual art as well. A huge part of her work involves self-introspection and mental health. She believes that the world is full of stories intertwined together, every individual, place or object has a story attached to it which makes life so much more interesting while uniting people from all over the globe.



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