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Anastasia Knowles - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

I predominantly make sculptural objects through the medium of crochet, reimagined from its historical connotations of being a futile, decorative craft to penetrate the realm of fine art through abundance, absurdity and performance. Visually, my sculptures are recognisable enough to seem familiar, yet odd enough to feel uncanny; attractive enough to be admired, yet not so much that beauty is their exclusive concern. By creating ambitious, time-consuming artworks through excessive and meticulous crochet, I wish to reimagine the distinction between art and craft, as traditional craft practices have been delegated to the lesser domain of decorative arts. My objects strengths lie in their subversive and performative potential, standing proudly adorned by a distinctive and consistent aesthetic of beaded crochet that is decorative; but not just decorative. Displayed collectively in a space, they perch, balance, swirl and curl; waiting to be picked up, held and played with, like circus versions of your nan’s old ornaments.



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