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Astrid Liebig - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development

About me

Born and raised in Indonesia I have always been intrigued with art and local culture. Researching various methods of constructing traditional textiles opened my eyes into the potential it has to be incorporated into modern designs and aesthetic. Indonesian textiles have been used by various designers internationally but not exclusively. The craft and culture of traditional textile production has to be conserved as the brand seeks to break the stereotype of being traditional and un-modern. aslie is derived from the Indonesian word asli that translates to original and authentic. Inspired by contemporary art, urban lifestyle and youth culture, the brand champions free spirit and personality through its vibrant designs. aslie seeks to embed originality and playfulness through contrasting silhouettes and colours together with tomboyish and seemingly androgynous aesthetics. The brand challenges the perception of traditional Indonesian textiles and aims to introduce a fresh new edge by recontextualising their use and aesthetics. By subtly incorporating these traditional textiles in the collections, aslie seeks to blur the lines between “traditional” and “contemporary.”



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