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Aleksander Naerbo - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

Graduate Diploma Fine Art

About me

My work is character driven, exploring beings belonging in fantasy worlds I have created. The characters are Celestial Beings from heavenly realms: a badass Filipina girl with her giant Doberman living in year 3400 or children caught in moments of childhood bliss. The characters are a mix of exaggerated poses, asymmetrical proportions, colourful surroundings developed through delicate and wispy lines/- contrasting with harsh angular lines, I create exciting and otherworldly characters who have their own stories to tell. Painting has brought a new flair to my work, transferring my pencil skills to the wet canvas, still maintaining my original line and attitude.Being consumed by daydreaming and escaping into the imagination is important in my work. My hope is for the audience to view the work and get sparks of joy, excitement and beauty. 


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