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Amina Nugumanova

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design

About me

I’m a multidisciplinary Artist / Designer. Born in Kazakhstan and raised in Switzerland and London, I had an opportunity to expand my horizons and develop excellent communication skills. My experimental work evolves around the theme of "the self". By making 'private' - 'public', I invite the viewer to become a voyeur into my personal life and follow my footsteps. I document my life by collecting archives which I then use in my creative process by constructing a narrative from my personal experiences. My projects are carried out in a performative approach, in a prescribed manner and timed span which directly links to archival thinking.Despite the majority of my work involving a lot of introspection, it also consists of reflecting on my external environment and people. I'm a multipotentialite, socializing and making connections have always been one of my strengths and it has proven to be a crucial tool throughout my life. Therefore, I'm interested in event curation, PR and other creative jobs / collaborations that require organising and socializing.


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