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Amina Seoudi

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design

About me

Hi! My name is Amina. Unconsciously I have been striving to connect my practice with my everyday life, thus establishing my ethical and creative position within my practice, realising how design allows me to cope with personal challenges. Specifically, how my bi-cultural background, as an Austrian and Egyptian citizen allowed me to focus on the notions of identity, taboos, sexuality within the female gaze in the Middle East in comparison to the West. My feminist design practise aims to solve issues such as: gender inequality, female oppression and lack of sexual education through the mediums of film and sound. However, I approach these briefs through a socially engaged practise where I aim building networks, to interact directly with my subjects. This has taught me how precisely conversation is key towards successful design - through the simple exchange of listening and sharing. Consequently, the attentiveness of my privilege, education and most importantly biculturalism, permits me to balance two opposing cultures, in order to weave together my two identities and innovatively articulate these two elements into a new way of seeing and experiencing the world; particularly from a female perspective, encouraging other females to participate in this journey of self-censorship.


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