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Aik Ern Teh - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) 3D Effects for Performance and Fashion

About me

Born in Malaysia amongst a family of creatives, from a young age I found out that creating good art is about paying attention to the little things. Having always had a fascination for tiny details that usually get overlooked by most; I naturally found joy in creating detailed art that tells a story of its own. I found fulfilment in seeing my work in action during school plays and parades. This gave me the confidence that prop design was my passion so I moved to London to pursue a degree in this field at University of Arts London. Throughout my studies, I realise that not only the students but even the tutors themselves are constantly learning new ways of making things as the possibilities are always endless. My interest in character design has developed my practice in constructing rod-puppets and stop-motion puppets. My aim as a character artist, puppet and prop maker is to create work that evokes curiosity and makes people happy, incorporating culture to promote connectivity and inclusivity with the rest of the world. I also firmly believe that successful projects come from having well thought out plans that are carried out efficiently.



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