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Adam Tunnicliffe-Milbrandt - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

My name is Adam, I'm a freelance artist currently based in Southeast London. I find a lot of comfort working with material that has been thrown away. I find if I buy fabric it has an absence of history, of existence. I feel it’s almost a necessity nowadays for any fabric I use to have gone through at least one person. I very much enjoy the stories within the ware and tare of something tossed aside and forgotten. Age is not something that can be produced in a studio, it must be authentic. Despite my practice this year mainly being a mixture between costume design and filmmaking, I still would describe myself as a painter. I treat all mediums as if they were paintings, so I can articulate it. My understanding of art for as long as I can remember has been through paint



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