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London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

About me

The collection was sparked by the fears of disease and death since Covid-19. You can't help but question if your loved ones have a life after death. We can find inner peace through understanding death and how it relates to human psychology. Death is the ending of all animals. I was inspired by the movie ‘A Zed & Two Noughts’(1985) directed by Peter Greenaway. The film's fast-forwarding method of filming the decomposing animal carcasses intrigued me visually. Representations of death generally end right at the moment of death without any depiction of the disintegration back to earth. The aim of this project is to capture the beauty of bodily decay while also dispelling the negative preconceptions associated with it; death is merely birth in disguise. I conducted research on death based on scientific and theological studies and how they interpret life after death. Decaying is much like living. Through this project, I discovered the complexities of how the body interacts with nature and ultimately withers back to earth. Everything is a cycle. Each of the seven looks symbolise a stage in the decomposition process: HEART STOP, SOUL FORMS, SOUL LEAVES, BLOAT, MELT, MUSCLE DETERIORATE, SKELETAL. I utilised a variety of 3D technologies to create a striking contrast between the natural and artificial processes of death. To provide the most sustainable alternative to my design ideas and to respect the cycle of nature and death, I worked with recycling and reusing plastic sheets and bottles, as well as dead-stock PVC material that I used as a tablecloth.You can find more information on my Instagram @bibishengan and website


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