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Bibi Baker - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture

About me

Bibi Baker is a young female Combined media artist, born and raised in south London. Growing up within the technological developments and expansive globalisation of 21st Century London has allowed her to gain experiences and inspirations from glitz to glamour in her everyday life. She is inspired by her awareness of our vastly expanding consumer culture infused with the grand narratives we are sold to obey. Finding interests in hyper ideologies within media cultures wrongfully exhibited by modern day Instagram influencers, mass marketed sign usage and over exaggerated advertisement, these are all subject areas that incarcerate our thoughts into a regulated simulation of “the right way”. From these elements she has developed a large interest for science fiction looking into how these areas of consumerism, colonisation and lifestyle misconduct have been portrayed to us through the uses of film, artworks and architecture. Through her own inspirational developments she has found herself inspired by 70’s psychedelia, architectural movements and groups such as Archigram and Metabolism, highlighting the possibilities of flexibility and infinite adaptations to biologically growing megastructures within densely colonised cities. She commonly uses the practice of stained glass throughout her work with the idea of glass forming its own energies through the illumination of colour and being a disregarded fabrication, permitting us to connect with entities which may have been left unforeseen. Much like her inspirations she believes her work is consciously versatile, adapting to the evolution of her own sci-fi fantasies.



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