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Brittany Burkholder is a graduate from the University of Arts London, Chelsea College of Arts with a Graduate Diploma in Interior Design (2020-2021). She works with an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from her background in international relations, Asian studies, communications and fashion design. Her designs place an emphasis on sustainability, biophilia, interaction, craft and versatility. She appreciates minimalistic and clean designs that achieve a balance between beauty and function.She defines spatial design as the link between people and the built environment. One is able to examine and experiment with the experience, interpretation, and use of space. It involves a blend of disciplines including landscape design, art, anthropology and sociology. Through spatial design, we can look at how our environments impact our lives, memories, experiences and wellbeing. With this knowledge, we can build a healthier and more sustainable future.In addition to her Graduate Diploma from UAL, Brittany has a Masters in International Relations from the International University of Geneva, Switzerland and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Hawaii, US. She has lived in Korea, Japan, London, Switzerland and the United States. Her home base is split between London, England; Seattle, Washington; Geneva, Switzerland and Honolulu, Hawaii. She speaks with friends in English and French and enjoys hiking, jazz, learning languages and playing the ukulele.



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