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Beatriz de Almeida

London College of Communication

BA (Hons) Film and Television

About me

I make quiet art. 21 year old Portuguese filmmaker, photographer and writer looking for work that allows me to develop narrative, visual and conceptual skills.Filmmaking and photography work as translators of intimacy for me: looking back at my work grounds me in reality and allows me to experience it - which is something I struggle with. Nature and womanhood are the two biggest themes I explore. I take a contemplative approach to the way I direct a story or a photograph, creating a base through documenting what I see and know, and then adding layers of mythology or poetry to it. When viewing my work, you might notice I often blur the lines between these two subjects, connecting them and creating a relationship that unites nature and the people that pass through it, sometimes only framing hints of life, traces of a story for you to pick up. Other times, you might simply see dancers in the tall grass or water in the flow of someone’s skin.


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