Beatriz Moreira da Silva - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

My practice navigates and materialises my research into the hierarchies of information; who writes history, how it is shared, and who can access it. In artworks and process, I create sites of learning that rethink a traditional idea of how history is taught. This does not mean that the purpose of my work is to teach, but rather to explore alternative methods of publishing. In the process of creating I adopt the role of archivist, however, as an artist-as-archivist there is a liberation from the traditional rules. Similarly, my practice adopts and rejects characteristics of the archive. I focus on the familial archive, exploring the liminal space between memory, lived experience and history, to create allegorical objects as archival documents that test the capacities of archiving histories in translations and aura. My work considers the notion that objects have an intangible characteristic called their personal, in which objects carry data of their life through their aura and material culture and that through an object’s personal you discover their embodied knowledge. The historical narratives propagated by institutions are challenged in making processes and audience interaction using tools such as community, collaboration and collective thinking/making as well as re-enactment and play. These function as devices that activate and engage the embodied knowledge within objects and in turn share alternative narratives of history.


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