Beatriz Mayorga

Central Saint Martins

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design | Curriculum Area: Fine Art

About me

 I am currently studying sculpture path in foundation at CSM, where we have been able to work with different technics and materials that have help me understand the importance of knowing the characteristics of the material in orther to establish a relationship with it for its manipulation. Above all, I think I have developed a much deeper and more complex view of the artistic experience and encounter a much more critical view of my work. At Saint Martins I have leared as much from the coneversatioms generated by my own projects as from the ones that unfolded around those of my classmates.  They have make me wonder , for example, the ethics of representation or exhibition policies.This year I have become more aware of the relationship of the arts to history, politics and public debate and their ability to bring people together to reflect.


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