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Claudio Brogi

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Product and Industrial Design

About me

I am a creative and cross-disciplinary designer born in Florence, Italy.As music has always had an extremely influential role in my life, I began my academic journey in Central Saint Martins focusing on our perception of reality, our senses and emotions such as the relation between sound and design. My genuine attraction for Sociology, Philosophy and Science encourage me to look at the Design world with a holistic yet critical approach, seeking interdisciplinary and speculative experimentation with the intent to create space for discussion and question our reality and future. I aim to think through Design, using the language and structure of Design to engage with people, to explore alternatives that highlight weaknesses with existing normality, to refuse the given as given.I would like to continue investigating the relationship between ubiquitous computing and the self, either through a critical or speculative approach. At present, there is not enough philosophy that invites necessary reflections, and I believe Design can help articulate these timely debates, ultimately being uncomfortable in a constructive way. 


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