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Cyrienne Buffet - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Product and Industrial Design

About me

I'm a freshly graduated French first class honors student that don't consider herself as a product designer but more generally as an artist because my work is not limited to product design only . Indeed I have participated in numerous set design for Paris Fashion Week. I also create artistic installations, illustrations and jewelry. I like to refer to my work as original and sarcastic . It is often considered that I have a child's mind and that the aspect and nature of my work is a mirror of my personality, which is true, but the often childlike, joyful and simple look of my creations are a way to smoothly convey my criticism of modern society. I mostly dedicate my work to children because their curiosity is much more awake than most adults and this allows me to communicate and awaken their sense in terms of creativity, ecology, communication etc. Finally, I am a nanny and a tutor which allows me to share my work with them and this motivate me in the effort to make the world better for them.



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