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Chinelo Chizea

Chelsea College of Arts

BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design

About me

I'm a creative with a passion for community and people. I find that it is important now more than ever to combine design with a movement to help rebuild smaller communities.My name is Chinelo Chizea, 23, to friends and family I am simply Queenie, a creative from London. I imagine myself to be curious, proactive and outgoing. My passion for design came from an early age where my curious mind looked for diverse ways to improve the space around me. It was from that burning desire that I decided to pursue a journey in spatial design. I’ve not had the most conventional start to life, and it is with my life experiences so far that has driven my passion for community and young people. Having said this, I have had multiple opportunities to work with some incredible organisations outside of my education to design and develop spaces that benefit young people in their leisure time.For me it is about people and that is why it was important for me to consider the journey of a person before a space. People are the makeup of space and I try to step into the shoes of a user. The past year has been incredibly difficult for many and has enabled us to think critically and explore space in a different and more personal ways.


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