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Cristiana Dini

Wimbledon College of Arts

BA (Hons) Costume for Theatre and Screen

About me

My work is influenced by both my childhood in Florence, where I was exposed to classical forms of artwork, and my time in London at Wimbledon College of Art, where I experimented with innovative and contemporary means of artistic expression. Since I discovered my passion for costumes, I have always considered experimentation, research and working with a combination of materials, techniques and inspirations as key concepts for my design process.  I specialise in costume design for both the virtual world (CGI, video games, etc..) and the real world (physical costumes) but also have a strong inclination for concept art and character design. As an artist, I like to be spontaneous, creative and to follow my instincts, but as a designer I also like to find logical solutions and to follow rational thinking in my design process. By combining and balancing these skills I am able to create and design costumes that instantly convey a story and their characters, thereby representing my own aesthetics that celebrates creativity, believability and innovation.


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