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Charlie Ford - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

Charlie Ford’s practice probes at our idea of objective reality. Borrowing systems of logic from both science and philosophy, she develops her own allegorical investigations into the perceptual processes that constitute and construct our reality.Research is integral to her practice, heavily informing the subject of the artwork, which often references processes created through speculation stemming from a piece of research. She appropriates beliefs from philosophy and physics, applying different theories to each other in a formulaic manner in order to suggest alternate understandings of reality and scientific fact, whilst grounding these explorations in a foundation of ‘accepted’ beliefs and assumptions. From a starting point of ‘fact’ (a term used loosely to refer to both scientific fact and philosophical theories with equal veracity) she stretches the logic of each component to create something which follows a system of logic but ends up being simultaneously absurd. Adopting roles, she acts as an interloper into various fields of practice: an archaeologist, a scientist, a historian, a philosopher, for example, in full awareness of the limits of her knowledge and the often fanciful nature of her inquiries.Her practice is cross-disciplinary, spanning virtual, physical, and text-based mediums, as she shifts between different roles. Writing has become an increasingly important element of her practice over the past year as her work considers ideas that are not physically possible to manifest. It offers the space to create these realities for a viewer, used in conjunction with other mediums such as sculpture and 3D modelling, writing unlocks and creates a different dimension of the work. Collaboration has also become an invaluable part of her practice in the last year, informing both the conceptual and practical aspects of her work. Collaborative processes facilitate exchanges of ideas, creating opportunity for translation and mistranslation at every point of exchange, generating ever-more iterations. Any event of translation is fallible. Any system of translation inherently contains the possibility of mis-translation. She is in ongoing collaboration with fellow artist Kaius Mowbray, working on a body of work unofficially referred to as ‘Seeds’, which follows an archivist’s piecing together of an alternate world through speculation around artefacts, both real and fictional, discovered in the Science Museum Narratives is an experimental publishing platform which will be releasing a diverse range of narrative based works in the coming weeks including a newsprint publication OFFAL Print.@offal.print@dispersed.narratives


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