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Charles Galvani - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

BA (Hons) Interior Design

About me

I am a final year Interior Design student at Chelsea College of Art. Through my work at Chelsea I have developed skills in interior and spatial design with a conceptual and innovative approach. From sketches to 3D and CAD mock-up and modelling, I thoroughly enjoy creating atmosphere and experimenting with ambiance. My most recent project involved the use of mycelium, a versatile and sustainable material which allows for great innovation.Through my graphic design work and freelance experiences, I have also developed skills in project presentation using graphics softwares. I have learned how to transfer ideas into clear and engaging presentation materialsI enjoy interdisciplinary experimentation. I co-founded a clothing project called Pastel to explore a different approach to creation through fashion. This project has given me fresh perspectives into interior design; I find the relationship between what we wear and where we live, work or shop very interesting.



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