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Caitlin Hartmann - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

BA (Hons) Textile Design

About me

I am inspired by craft communities, such as the woven textile culture in Guatemala, who translate and express their communal and personal identities through their weaving. I consider how I can draw from this concept by exploring my own memories and experiences as a way to engage with and understand the facets of myself through textiles. My work aims to draw people into these memories and connections through multi-sensory experiential design, creating an immersive feeling and intimate dialogue between the viewer and the textiles where the observer becomes an active participator in the memory itself. I feel this is what makes my work so relevant and is more important now than ever in a Covid-19 world, where our disconnection from each other, places of meaning and craft roots is heightened. Exploring the subjectivity of perspective and how this is influenced and shaped by cultural backgrounds and upbringing fascinates me and is a large element of what guides my work and design process. I examine these connections and the emotional relationships between people and places through in depth, personal dialogues with people from a variety of craft backgrounds. This allows my work to connect with individuals from a myriad of upbringings who experience disconnect from elements of their identity, as they can understand and engage with my woven textiles through their own interpretations.


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