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Claudia Lehmann

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Drawing

About me

Growing up in Penwith (in Cornish penn means headland, wydh means at the end), I existed in a landscape scattered with the traces of mining, neolithic quoits, communication technologies, with grey skies and beautiful, diffused light. This lived foundation created a yearning to see through the stratification of history that formulated my idea of space.Displaced from the motherland, I find myself in a muggier grey; one that retains the heat with no through- breeze. An imagined rendering of a time and place, just out of reach, allows for increased sensitivity in mapping the various stratification within the terrain. A lack of a mind's eye, Aphantasia, creates a heavy reliance on imagery and data to construct the reality of space. I explore these tensions through spatial investigation in the form of field notes, photography, audio, film, walking, printmaking and writing. 


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