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Claire Michel - Graduate

Wimbledon College of Arts

MFA Fine Art

About me

Through storytelling, I explore the intricacies of loss. Drawn to psychoanalysis as a way to better understand the constructs of identity, I take individual traumas and human stories as a starting point. I seek the uncanny, the untold, and often involve the subconscious as part of my creative process. I also use dreams, childhood memories, and forgotten states as starting material for my work. To tell and re-tell stories, I oscillate between humour and trauma, between fiction and reality. I play with the absurd and the grotesque. I stage dead animals in domestic settings to add lightness and playfulness to important subject matter. I disrupt the norms and defy expectations. I also raise a few questions: what do we keep private and why? What happens when we take that private part of people and make it public? I am also interested in revealing the cracks of life via a process of fragmentation and erasure. I represent the absent body through narratives and physical gestures. The absence then creates a heavy presence. ‚Äč Using a wide range of media such as photography and moving image, I play with photographic imagery, objects of all kinds, documentation, and ephemera.


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