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Ruoru Mou - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

Advocating for different modes of play, my works slip between sculpture, craft and childhood games such as origami and modelling flying mechanisms. Taking Donna Haraway’s concept of ‘string figures’, ‘speculative fabulation’, and ‘cat’s cradle’, narratives are constructed in the emulation of specific gestural language; calligraphic practice, paper folding, or the movement of flight. Stories are often being told when a subject or object rhymes its way through a seemingly unrelated setting. Often documented in moving-image or sculptural forms, the making process consists of repeated trial and error, which over time creates a causal history of material and labour. Formatting the artworks as an anecdote or a prediction that is in opposition to arrival, I aim to think less of producing the artwork for presentation at a set moment, instead, working out a way to reconfigure the temporal constraints of spectacles discovered along the way. Causality is particularly pronounced in the act of configuring the works. As the objects undergo a constant state of ‘shape-shifting’, audiences are encouraged to question their past and future itinerary, working out the causal relationship between them. Oftentimes, the works get recycled and reactivated to form new associations. Through toying with materiality beyond a known material state, the objects’ are stripped of their pre-determined functions, and caught in their process of ‘becoming’.


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