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Callum JPR - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

About me

I am an artist/ graphic designer working with printmaking, typography, photography, creative coding, filmmaking, and creative writing. I use art and design to address socio-political discussions around identity, representation, power, and community. This side of my practice revolves around the politics of imagination within a hyper-digital, visually super-saturated context. Recent projects focus on the power and politics of national symbols and include: I AM A FLAG, which involved training an AI on a dataset of 193 national flags, allowing me to generate images comprised of the data of those flags. I AM A FLAG is expressed in two forms: a short film as well as a riso printed publication. RED WHITE AND BLUE explores how different people see and value the Union Jack. The film combines a series of transparency photographs with recordings of conversations I had with people across the UK, about their feelings towards the symbol. Alongside all of this, I develop distinctive graphic identities for cultural events and experiences. I have a passion for the craft of all kinds of graphic and artistic; analogue and digital processes, and enjoy adopting a range of them for different briefs.


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