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Cara Roberts

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design

About me

I am a London based visual communicator and I particularly enjoy capturing the hidden strata of the human face. My experience of graphic design at UAL has enabled me to incorporate greater depth and meaning into my portrait work. Within my practice, I adhere to strong themes and I let the faces direct the narrative. Through techniques such as erasure and superimposition, I incorporate subjective feelings into my portraits and preserve them for later generations. During my final year, I have focused on visually representing the emotions of the pandemic to give justice to those many losses that have been incurred as well as to those precious positive anecdotes that are testimony to our resilience and endurance during difficult times. The projects on show demonstrate how I have pushed my boundaries over the past months to create diverse pieces around the common theme of the human face and body. 


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