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Ciara Elizabeth - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring

About me

I am a bubbly, creative, hardworking person who always strives to achieve the highest standards possible. This is often achieved because of my can-do attitude, the constant desire to learn and out of the box thinking. My diverse background of work has allowed me to have a unique skill set, such as being able to quickly adapt to unexpected situations, make decisions and reflectively communicate this to my team in a high pressure environment. I possess the ability and confidence to understand direction and naturally take lead in the right moment. I love to work as part of a team but also as a individual. I am focused on having a career creating bespoke or luxury clothing for Drag Queens. During the past challenging 14 months of a world wide crisis I have had the ability to persevere, grow and push myself beyond all expectations. I used my skills to create PPE for hospital staff, selling masks and creating costumes for drag queens to help keep the UK entertained even in lock down. Post Graduation June 2021;I hope to further my experience and knowledge in the world of luxury clothing. 


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