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Chu Wu

Central Saint Martins

MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies

About me

 My body is solid, and my perception function is fluid, rolling between the real and the imaginary. I am a machine with a bulky receiver, receiving information from the outside world, encoded, processed by the perceptron inside me, and then feedback to the environment. Most of the time, I cannot tell the difference between dreams and reality, illusions, and truths. They are like a mass of boiling glue in my mind. I spit out the glue and weave it into my works, shouting that there is no difference between them.The essence of art can be something more profound than words can describe; its actual body is not the material that we can see. The truth exists in the depth of the naked eyes, hidden when an individual meets another individual, hidden in the momentary tremors, the slight hum when each branch of a rhizome touches another one. I attempt to retain all the indescribable feelings and everything that I said I loved through my practice.


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