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Dasha Filatova - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Photography

About me

My work derives from the interest of examining subjects that include the environment, domestic objects in the meaning of artifact, and dialect between technology and craft. In particular; dematerialization and re-materialization of domestic objects and the process of the former to the latter. I am questioning the nature of artifact in the historical context by investigating the environment as a complex archaeological site characterized by a range of everyday mass-produced objects and technological elements. Establishing my installations on the research of technology and its meaning, I am attempting to demonstrate the energies trapped inside of these by handmaking the elements for the installations. I make a conscious effort to use mixed-media that covers a range of platforms from physical sculpting, analogue photography, to digital formats such as photogrammetry and video installations. These formats combined, provide the tools to best communicate through my work and become complicit with the overarching narrative of my installations.



Simulation. Version 001

Added 21 July

Physical Liberation

Added 21 July

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