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Billie Daniel J Stebbings - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

My Artwork is informed by the sensation of looking, of witnessing something in front of you, a horizon that describes the sensation of your position in space. I make animation because I am interested in the way it describes motion, the witnessing of motion in relation to these senses of time, space & position. The process of making animation and or watching it, a series of drawings moving at 25fps for example, a still image drawing, becomes a split section of a larger event that it is part of. An almost physical notion of witnessing an event. I take video references, sometimes found footage, sometimes my own directed footage and I turn that video into image sequences. Tracing (rotoscoping) the image becomes an act of physical editing, forming new layers of motion & placing; IMAGE, SOUND, NARRATION, DIALOGUE, in relation to each other. Since moving beyond my degree I have started writing & making an animated sitcom drama that at the core has these ideas and themes running through it. I am working with someone to co-write it with me, we are looking for a small team of people, animators, thinkers, creatives, artists, to join the project. JUST DO IT.



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