Deborah Wangsaputri - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fashion Communication: Fashion Communication and Promotion

About me

‘Rubber Time’ is the English translation of the Indonesian phrase ‘Jam Karet’, which means time can be moulded and stretched. ‘Jam Karet’ means it is ok to take things slow and be a little late. We have created Rubber Time Journal to promote the art of waiting and find a balanced approach to work, leisure and rest in our day-to-day lives: as workers, as consumers, and as people. Having both come from South East Asian backgrounds, we want to bring together not only what inspires us at home but across the world too. In this issue we explore and celebrate good design, humour and wellness: from editorials and interviews with makers from a range of industries to our own advertising campaigns for much-loved brands. We want to build a community of creatives whose internal clocks tick the same way as ours, wherever in the world they may be. A community which places process over profits and timelessness over trends. From hand-printing much of the magazine ourselves to photographing exclusively with film, our approach to creating this magazine has been slow and dedicated and we hope your approach to reading it will be the same. So sit for a while and take your time with our first issue and your first glimpse into a world of Rubber Time. Pie Sutithon & Deborah Wangsaputri



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