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DAN XIONG - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Textile Design

About me

Dan Xiong is a textile designer specializing in embroidery and mixed-media. Their collections are mainly influenced by the natural environment, landscape, and wildlife, creating a unique style and innovative designs. Their textile designs combine many different techniques, for example, mixing traditional techniques such as hand embroidery, pleating and hollowing with layering and digital printing, to form an individual aesthetic. Her highly sensitive combination of colours gives her art pieces a vivid personal style.From China to London, her different cultural studying backgrounds also contribute to her diverse design concepts. The experience of studying in London College of Fashion has not only developed her textile techniques but also risen her design horizons. Her textile designs begin to explore materials for sustainable development, and create a voice that calls to attention marine pollution and the greenhouse effect. In the future, Dan Xiong, as a mixed-media textile designer, wants to use her unique aesthetic vision to create more valuable works that convey a sense of social responsibility.


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