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Emily Baines - Graduate

Wimbledon College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture

About me

I walk into a constructed landscape in my brain to view my thoughts and emotions. I extract the idea of forms from these visualisations and realise it in the physical world. Exaggerating the physicality of the object whilst hinting at subtler introspective processes through the layering of materials. I further these clashing ideals whilst contemplating my relationship with the world around me and the implicit rules that anchor me in society. The natural and man-made environments and the boundary between the two, is a constant turmoil that projects itself into my processes and material choices. I over-edit, over-process and subvert. So, a memory of watching the northern lights in a hot tub, drunk on prosecco, a situation that confuses the boundary between the natural and man-made environments, is translated into blurred forms, light spots and squiggling lines...



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