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Ellis Berwick - Graduate

Wimbledon College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Print And Time-Based Media

About me

Boiling my practice down to its most basic parts, I make sculptures that make noise. There’s something primal about noise; you can ignore your other senses but sound commands engagement, only escapable through leaving its domain. This unique ability to hold space is at the crux of why I explore sound; the odd connection between sound and it’s source is what draws me to generating it with my sculptures. Reproducing sound with a speaker separates a sound from this dynamic. When a sound is produced by an object however, it’s alive, fleeting, distinctly now. Through my practice, I emphasize the performance between a sound and its object. Sculptures becoming performers, working with one another and their environment to create snapshots surreal and absurd worlds. Or simply put, materials and mechanics combined to make a racket.



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