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Emily Dessi-Makin - Graduate

London College of Communication

BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

About me

Em Dessi-Makin is a documentary photographer, born to a Sardinian mum and British dad, she was raised in South London. She spent her late teens voraciously photographing her friends and surroundings. Whilst studying at University of the Arts London Em developed a love for the tactile process of medium format photography, and now shoots most of her projects on her Mamiya RB67 or RZ67. Dessi-Makin’s work explores themes of mental health, isolation and addiction. Her latest project Sa Pippia (translated roughly as ‘Little Girl’) is a photographic exploration of her Sardinian heritage. Over the course of the winter months that turned 2019 into 2020, she travelled clockwise from Burcei, through Cagliari, the island’s capital, San Sperate and finally Cabras, taking images of moments and things which she felt represented ‘home’. Be it plants, views, food at the table, traditional clothing or carnivals, Em endeavoured to create a well-rounded collection of images that she felt truly embodied the tranquillity and sense of community she experienced as a child travelling back and forth between London and San Sperate.



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