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Eleanor Herbosch - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Ceramic Design

About me

Her work is a texture. She is constantly exploring and focusing on materiality within her practice; both painting and ceramics. Ceramics and painting might come across as two contrasting crafts, however, that is not how she interprets them within her practice. Through her artistic lens, materiality and manipulation lie on a similar frequency. ‘What sort of surfaces can I manipulate with clay, that differs from that of paint? Can I experiment with paint and clay so vigorously that they now have a new and improved definition? What creative language have I discovered by pushing the boundaries of these materials?’ These are questions that she constantly finds floating around in her head when she is creating. She aspires to break the boundaries between these art forms and enable them to work coherently with one another and to be displayed as one. At the age of 21, she very much looks forward to exploring these art mediums to her fullest potential.


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